Michael Fishelson

Chris Wall has worked with our firm for more than 15 years. His skills at decorative finishes are unmatched and his “bedside manner” with clients is a pleasure to witness. Chris has created antique Tuscan stucco exteriors that created a feeling of Italy. His sleek venetian plaster work fulfilled the demands of the pickiest modernist architect.

It is Chris’s dedication to his craft that has make him one of our “secret weapons” that solve the trickiest problems. When an antique plaster mirror was damaged; it was Chris Wall who carved a new leg and applied the matching gold leaf. When a Gracie wallpaper needed touchup it was Chris Wall who hand painted an invisible match that saved the day.

Rarely do we have the pleasure of os unconditionally recommending a tradesman as we do with Chris.

Please feel free to to have anyone contact me.

Morley Safer

I write to recomment Christopher Wall, without reservation. Chris has undertaken several projects for us, both in the interior and exterior of our residence. He is a meticulous artist, concerned with every detail, every shade and color. The net effect exceeded our expectations in every respect.

He justifiably takes great pride in his work, is always on schedule, makes every effort to protect the surrounding areas of the project, and is always reliably on schedule.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Searching for Your Perfect Color? Here’s One Easy Trick!

Is it time for an interior makeover? Are you choosing colors yourself? Selecting colors for your home without the help of an experienced professional can be daunting. Feeling overwhelmed by color choice? Choosing new colors can leave a homeowner feeling stuck, uncertain, and unable to land on a satisfying, and final, color decision.

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Helpful Tips For New Homeowners, Before & After Moving Day!

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in your life, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Look at it this way, a home is like a blank canvas and you are the director with the vision. You can create anything you want, which can leave some with the big question- “where do I even begin?”

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The Queen of Textiles

When looking at elegant Indian Silks, I feel almost mesmerized and enchanted by the shimmering jewel tones. As we know, silk has the reputation of luxury and the bright colors woven throughout the piece tell its story. It is almost impossible to glance at a piece of silk just once, for you may miss the mysterious “between” tones that create the most exciting, unexpected result.

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Nature’s Vast Color Palette

What is the range of greens, yellows or gold that one could find in all the forests on earth. Go to the ‘painted desert’ in the Southwest of the U.S. in Spring and you will be mesmerized by the almost infinite seeming color variations on display. The sheer range of color choices available when considering an interior palette is as vast as any that could be seen, created or imagined.

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These lovely colors, some of the most beautiful in nature, are also flowers of the same name. These tones perfectly represent the fresh and delicate season of Spring. It’s not that these colors feel out of place in other seasons; On the contrary. It’s just that Mother Nature reminds us each year, when Winter’s chill is finally behind us in April and early May, that these exquisite hues; blossoming lilac trees, Texas bluebonnets, pale lavender, fresh violets and periwinkle, are truly some of the most beautiful in the entire color spectrum.

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Timelessness: Why it holds great appeal within the Interior Design Community

Often an object noted to be timeless isn’t appreciated casually but is beloved as something that has earned special distinction. Something that once created was soon elevated to a high aesthetic plain and stayed there unaffected by neither the passing of styles or time. To include a timeless element therefore as part of an interior setting is at least in part a formula for certain success. The quality of timelessness guarantees the chosen element will be especially valued and will never lose its power of appeal.

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