May 31, 2012 Chris Wall


Is there a more beautiful range of colors than the tonal arc from Lilac and Lavender, to Violet and Periwinkle?

These lovely colors, some of the most beautiful in nature, are also flowers of the same name. These tones perfectly represent the fresh and delicate season of Spring. It’s not that these colors feel out of place in other seasons; On the contrary. It’s just that Mother Nature reminds us each year, when Winter’s chill is finally behind us in April and early May, that these exquisite hues; blossoming lilac trees, Texas bluebonnets, pale lavender, fresh violets and periwinkle, are truly some of the most beautiful in the entire color spectrum.

For some reason these color tones are seldom used or even much seen in American interiors. Perhaps as minor accents only…a throw pillow or two, fresh flowers in a vase, but that seems the extent of it. Why is that?

The softness of lilac and its perfect compliment with warm pale silver, for example would seem to make it an excellent candidate as a main color in a light filled Living room or Dining room. It’s rarely if ever the case however.

Wouldn’t a lilac toned polished Marmorino plaster with a pearlescent silver damask pattern overlay in a light filled room be extraordinary? Just one possibility of many only blending ones imagination with the soft vibrance of lilac, lavender, violet and periwinkle.

Could be incredible don’t you think?

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