January 30, 2013 Chris Wall

Nature’s Vast Color Palette

How many colors are there in nature?

How many tones of blue or green are in the oceans?

What is the range of greens, yellows or gold that one could find in all the forests on earth. Go to the ‘painted desert’ in the Southwest of the U.S. in Spring and you will be mesmerized by the almost infinite seeming color variations on display. The sheer range of color choices available when considering an interior palette is as vast as any that could be seen, created or imagined.

Every new design project offers an opportunity to excite the senses with myriad color possibilities alone. Why not go for something extraordinary, something unexpected and truly exquisite. Subtle ‘between’ tones can change frequently just by the nature of the light, shifting mysteriously whenever a different color is placed against it, never the same from moment to moment.

The colors and tones that surprise in nature and strike our senses directly, as well as, our silent definition of beauty, these are the colors that fascinate most and are also the most exciting when used in an interior setting. These are the choices that can dazzle and elevate a project from simply a successful one to one of wonder, one like no other.

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