January 15, 2015 Chris Wall

Searching for Your Perfect Color? Here’s One Easy Trick!

Is it time for an interior makeover? Are you choosing colors yourself? Selecting colors for your home without the help of an experienced professional can be daunting. Feeling overwhelmed by color choice? Choosing new colors can leave a homeowner feeling stuck, uncertain, and unable to land on a satisfying, and final, color decision.

One trick I recommend to ease the challenge and hopefully make it more fun too, is the simple process of elimination. Where recognizing, and ultimately choosing a main color for a room can be scary and confusing, recognizing color tones that you don’t want is fairly easy for anyone.


Here’s what to do:

Preferably begin with a white wall background. Now collect as many paint color chips (cards) as you feel may possibly be in consideration. Arrange them first on a table in a logical order if possible. For example: color paint brand card #24 is to the left. #25 is next to the right. #26 is to the right of #25, and so on. If you have a color card that is not part of a bigger sequence no problem at all.



Now you’ll position, with a little clear scotch tape, the color cards just as you have them arranged on the table, lightly to the white wall, approximately eye level. These color cards are now referenced in 2 ways. Firstly, against the white background it is easy to see the trueness of each tone. The white background reference helps best to see accurately a soft, pale, or light tone that otherwise may be hard to appreciate. Seeing the cards referenced horizontally next to each other will now make it easy to see how each separate tone is unique, lighter or darker, warmer or cooler, etc.


Now here comes the easy part! With each color tone displayed and referenced to other similar but different tones and also to the white background, it should not be difficult to begin a process of elimination and now you can simply remove the color cards that clearly are no longer to be considered. Easily eliminating colors will reduce each time the much larger color pool…down and down…until only a few contenders remain. A favored few should stand out now. From this small group sample amounts of color can be purchased. Paint at least a 1’ x 1’ (or bigger) color swatch either on the wall itself or a plain white paint sample board. Hopefully, using this technique and having a much smaller, well considered, color group to choose from…your elusive final color choice will reveal itself naturally. Good luck! Have fun and contact me with any questions.