February 25, 2013 Chris Wall

The Allure of Beauty

Our desire to seek or be surrounded by beauty is simple human nature. We want it, we need it,  and we hunger for it.

This is just as true in our home environment which is ours to create, ours to determine. We want it comfortable yes, but beautiful also for our eye.

A certain way to beautify your home is with imported Italian Marmorino, a truly remarkable wall finish that is as stunning as it is luxurious. Marmorino plaster offers a result unlike any other. This graceful luminous hand troweled finish is breathtaking to the eye. As well, the glass smooth surface is butter soft to the touch and available in any color tone under the Sun.

Marmorino is a combination of creamy lime putty and crushed marble, applied in tight layers, the final finish has a gentle modulated movement, as well as, an ultra refined lustrous depth. Including this extraordinary finish in your home, provided by our artists at Interiors2Art, will add a sensuous style unmatched, pure luxury at its finest.

Amazing in any room, especially where light is at a premium, there simply isn’t a truer way to bring the allure of beauty to your interior.

Polished Italian Marmorino plaster walls, it will be love at first sight.



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