May 3, 2012 Chris Wall

Timelessness: Why it holds great appeal within the Interior Design Community

Within the interior design community what is the power of something considered to be ‘timeless’?

No fashionable trend or search for the new, what’s recognized as timeless connotes a quality (or qualities) appreciated and valued aesthetically and historically over the course of decades, if not centuries.

Often an object noted to be timeless isn’t appreciated casually but is beloved as something that has earned special distinction. Something that once created was soon elevated to a high aesthetic plain and stayed there unaffected by neither the passing of styles or time.  To include a timeless element therefore as part of an interior setting is at least in part a formula for certain success. The quality of timelessness guarantees the chosen element will be especially valued and will never lose its power of appeal.

The classic material mix of lime, plaster and mineral pigments combine to create an interior wall finish that is just as rich and beautiful today as it was hundreds of years ago when it was used extensively across the European landscape. Artisan plaster is never out of style. Its genuine organic elegance is indisputable whether the setting is modern or classic, urban, suburban or country. Color pigmented lime/ plaster is truly timeless, endlessly adaptable and well loved by anyone with a refined aesthetic sensibility.

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