April 20, 2012 Chris Wall

The Quest for Calm that ‘Home’ Provides

Peace – that is the other name for home.  -Kathleen Norris

Fast paced modern living means most of us long for an oasis away from the outside world, a place apart, a place we call ‘home’. Home is our personal space, our quiet zone, where we can completely relax, decompress, and otherwise remove ourselves (albeit temporarily) from the challenges of the day. The phrase ‘feeling at home’ refers to that notion. Feelings of comfort, warmth, and calm that thoughts of home conjure, are so essential to our well being and ultimately to our overall peace of mind.

How one goes about creating that oasis is entirely subjective and inherently personal. We choose specific colors or a lack thereof; we choose styles, objects, furnishings and arrangements that will allow us to settle into a place of comfort both mental and physical. Once through the door of the place we refer to, not as our house, but as our ‘home’, the world slows, quiets and we are in a world of our own making.

Home is a retreat, our sanctuary, a true safe haven.

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