Chris-Wall-16A21aaChris, and Interiors2Art, is now offering something new! A beautiful, smooth plaster finish with an added pattern or damask overlay. This light and gentle look is reminiscent of silk with its delicate textures and soft color schemes. It would be gorgeous in any room!

There are literally thousands of patterns to select from. Traditional damasks, floral patterns, arabesques, or patterns from around the world. Our ideas, shown here are but a few examples of what is possible.

The pattern, or damask, would be applied separately with a tone balancing pearlescent, or iridescence. Another possibility would be a white gold or pale silver to glimmer in the light. Light reflective, graceful and ethereal overlay patterns, set against polished Marmorino plaster particularly, would result in a surface truly extraordinary.

The process of working out color and/or pattern combinations is an inherent part of choosing this look. We would work closely with the client, working through considerations in conversation, then sample form, to guarantee a result that is loved.

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