Hermes-Chicago-3aaOne of the great practical advantages of color pigmented plaster, is that it is color fast and will continue to look ‘new’ for many years to come after final application. This is unique as most other interior wall finishing materials, like any paint, must be redone after a period of a few years or so. Unless a new color is wished for, with light occasional maintenance, this finish will last for many many years.

Interiors2Art offers a personal guarantee for a general light, as needed, maintenance ‘once over’, at no additional charge. This no cost guarantee is for 6 months from project completion. Although it doesn’t include major damage, it is offered in the spirit of caring about our product, our client relationships, and our reputation, and does include any natural incidental wear and tear.

Beyond that first 6 months, I will always personally be available on an ‘as needed’ basis to, ‘beautifully resolve any and all aesthetic issues’. (i.e. damage of any kind)

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