The Queen of Textiles

When looking at elegant Indian Silks, I feel almost mesmerized and enchanted by the shimmering jewel tones. As we know, silk has the reputation of luxury and the bright colors woven throughout the piece tell its story. It is almost impossible to glance at a piece of silk just once, for you may miss the mysterious “between” tones that create the most exciting, unexpected result.

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Nature’s Vast Color Palette

What is the range of greens, yellows or gold that one could find in all the forests on earth. Go to the ‘painted desert’ in the Southwest of the U.S. in Spring and you will be mesmerized by the almost infinite seeming color variations on display. The sheer range of color choices available when considering an interior palette is as vast as any that could be seen, created or imagined.

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Elegance: What is it and how do we know it when we see it?

Elegance is a powerful term. When something or someone is referred to as ‘elegant’ it is heard and received as one of the highest of compliments. This is particularly true in the world of Interior Design. Ours is a visual medium. Our eyes know it first but it’s our subtly refined sensibility, our sense of artistry, culture and intellect that forms and informs us best and shapes our appreciation for design, materials, color and arrangements. As we in the design community are essentially, as I often say, ‘in the business of beauty’, having others call our results ‘elegant’ is not only important, it is paramount.

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Artisan Marmorino Plaster (Polished, Low Lustre, or Matte), brings depth and elegance to any interior room environment. Layering applications of color pigmented plaster, one over the other, is a wonderful way to bring your walls to gentle life. Marmorino is an import from Italy, a lime based plaster infused with marble dust, applied to the wall in layers by trowel.

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Creative design from the South

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