The Queen of Textiles

When looking at elegant Indian Silks, I feel almost mesmerized and enchanted by the shimmering jewel tones. As we know, silk has the reputation of luxury and the bright colors woven throughout the piece tell its story. It is almost impossible to glance at a piece of silk just once, for you may miss the mysterious “between” tones that create the most exciting, unexpected result.

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The Quest for Calm that ‘Home’ Provides

Fast paced modern living means most of us long for an oasis away from the outside world, a place apart, a place we call ‘home’. Home is our personal space, our quiet zone, where we can completely relax, decompress, and otherwise remove ourselves (albeit temporarily) from the challenges of the day. The phrase ‘feeling at home’ refers to that notion. Feelings of comfort, warmth, and calm that thoughts of home conjure, are so essential to our well being and ultimately to our overall peace of mind.

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