February 24, 2015 Chris Wall

Michael Fishelson

Chris Wall has worked with our firm for more than 15 years. His skills at decorative finishes are unmatched and his “bedside manner” with clients is a pleasure to witness. Chris has created antique Tuscan stucco exteriors that created a feeling of Italy. His sleek venetian plaster work fulfilled the demands of the pickiest modernist architect.

It is Chris’s dedication to his craft that has make him one of our “secret weapons” that solve the trickiest problems. When an antique plaster mirror was damaged; it was Chris Wall who carved a new leg and applied the matching gold leaf. When a Gracie wallpaper needed touchup it was Chris Wall who hand painted an invisible match that saved the day.

Rarely do we have the pleasure of os unconditionally recommending a tradesman as we do with Chris.

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