Colors in wall finishing can make a room come alive. They can be the essential starting point for every other decision in the room. Used with care and artistry, plaster can create an absolutely gorgeous setting for any room.

Painted wall surfaces can be static and bland. Plaster is applied in tight layers to create a light and gentle motion, giving depth to an otherwise two-dimensional wall. The layering of similar colors allows for feather-light results through the sweeping motion of their tones. Conversely, more dramatic looks are achieved through the balancing of color tones.

Plaster has the added bonus of its soft and luxurious feel. When sunlight splashes across the light-sensitive surface of plaster, the overall beauty of any room will truly be apparent.

Plaster can evoke many different moods, from the relaxed Mediterranean feel all the way to the highly polished modern setting. Whichever surrounding best represents your personal lifestyle, Interiors2Art will beautifully provide it.

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