Interiors2Art is an Interior Wall Finishing Company offering a wide variety of ‘looks’ primarily using color pigmented fine plasters and Artisan techniques.

Luxe FinishesPlaster is applied in tight layers to create a light and gentle motion, giving depth to an otherwise two-dimensional wall.

RestorationOne of the great advantages of color-pigmented plaster is that it’s colorfast and will retain it’s ‘new’ look for many years to come.

New IdeasInteriors2Art is excited to announce the availability of a new smooth plaster finish with an added pattern or damask overlay.

How We Do It

After you contact us initially, we can arrange for a site meeting. At that time we will be able to speak over your needs and wishes, your likes and dislikes, and discuss how best we may be able to satisfy you. Understanding your aesthetic will be key to selecting a wall finish, or finishes, that best reflects what will please you most.

Creative design from the South

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